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The Blog

Know, Like and Trust . . .

When it comes to doing business I have always believed in the “Know, Like and Trust” principle.


Specifically, you have to come to know someone, before you can like them, and you have to like them before you can trust them. If any link in this relationship chain is missing or broken, working with someone long-term is difficult if not impossible.


The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a window into who I am, and hopefully, enable us to lay the foundation for a long and mutually rewarding business relationship.


  • Have you ever felt like you were the only person going through a certain¬†life experience? I have come to think of it as being both the joy and burden of being you; or rathe

  • I have always enjoyed being out in the field meeting and talking with dentists on a regular basis. It is a great experience because it gives me the opportunity to see, firs

  • When I was very young, they used to have a take your child to work day. I remember it being a special occasion because I was able to see what Daddy did after he left the ho